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Dog Walking

  • Walks or bathroom breaks in the yard
  • Medication or meal provided if needed
  • Water refresh
  • Treats & belly rubs
  • Accident or destruction clean-up
  • Text & photo updates

Benefits of Dog Walking

  • Decrease in hyperactivity
  • Incredible health benefits
  • Stimulation and tons of fun
  • Better sleep for your dog
  • Fewer accidents in the house
  • Achieving a healthy weight
  • Less destructive behavior due to boredom

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a kennel/boarding facility?

We do not offer boarding services in our own home or facility, instead, we are an in-home pet service provider. We take care of the pet(s) in the comfort of your home where they will feel most comfortable in their space and normal routine. If you prefer a boarding option, we do recommend two great places in the Dickson area: K9 Station and Stay Golden.

What types of pets do you care for?

Our specialty is dogs and cats, however we have taken care of horses, birds, hamsters, goats, chickens, and other various farm animals. Adding these pets will incur additional charges and will be discussed before services are performed.

Can you provide service on short notice?

It is a case by case basis, but thankfully this is our full time business so it does allow us to be more flexible- so reach out to us and we will always try to see what we can do!

What is a free Meet and Greet/Onboarding process for a new client?

We always do a free initial meet & greet to ensure that we are a good fit and that we will have a great working relationship as humans as well as a good connection with your pet(s). We will cover the details of their care, basics of the home, etc.

Do you provide services on holidays?

Yes, we do offer services on all major school & federal holidays, but please be aware that we charge Holiday Fees.

What are your service areas?

Within 10 to 15 minute drive of Downtown Dickson area.

Dickson dog mom map service area

How do I pay my invoice?

We accept payment through Venmo, PayPal, Cash, Check & Apple Cash. Total for services will be sent once the sit is complete and payment will be expected to paid in full immediately upon completion.

How often do you drop in?

For drop-ins only, we visit your pet up to 3x per day (AM between 6-8am, Midday 12-3, PM 7-9pm)

What do overnights include?

Overnights include sleeping there plus the morning routine, mid-day and evening check-in. Guarantee return to home No later than 10pm or earlier for sleepover. During our stay we will get mail, take out trash, water plants, sweep/vacuum, change your sheets on the day of your return, open/close blinds every morning & evening. We will also send regular photo & text updates so you can see that your fur babes are having a great time. Please note: We do not provide 24 live-in care, and will be away from the home at times during the day.

Cancellation Policy?

Our policy is lenient as long as we are not on our way to your home for the visit/walk OR you are a repeat offender. If it happens more often than not and you book a lot with us and cancel repeatedly, we will have to end our relationship. Our time is valuable!

What is your preferred method of communication?

TEXT, OF COURSE! Do people even use a phone for calls these days? We are almost always out in the field walking pups or cleaning litter boxes so phone calls aren’t often the easiest, however, sometimes a quick voice chat is necessary to discuss important details that can be lost in a text. Touch base with us via text first and we will always respond as quickly as possible and make a plan for next steps if needed.

Areas We Service

Dickson dog mom map service area
Based on 16 reviews
Jessika Morton
Jessika Morton
August 25, 2023
We are so thankful we found Kelli. She is literally the best. Our dogs love her and she takes care of them like she would her own. We have a special needs dog and she is the best with him, making sure he gets the special care he needs. She always goes the extra mile, and I know our dogs are safe and cared for when we are gone.
Dawn R.
Dawn R.
January 16, 2023
I am a 100% helicopter pet parent. We travel regularly and I get anxiety over leaving my furry family members. They are truly spoiled and live the high life. When we moved to this area we struggled to find an in-home pet sitter that met our needs. We met Kelli a few years ago and she always exceeds our expectations. One of my dogs had been returned to the pound numerous times before we rescued her. She has bad resource guarding and worse anxiety than me. Kelli handles her with no issues. My whole crew thinks Kelli is their Goddess 🙂 Kelli's husband came to our house for our last trip and my dogs loved him just as much. We had some unexpected issues while we were gone that he handled better than I could have. We recommend Dickson Dog Mom to all our friends and neighbors with complete confidence.
Alicia Svarda
Alicia Svarda
October 7, 2022
Kelli will go to great lengths to make sure your fur baby is taken care of, to the same degree she takes care of her own. She has gotten to know my pet’s personality, and he loves when she takes him on walks! It takes a village, and Kelli is definitely a huge part of the village. Do not hesitate to trust her with your pet needs!
Lisa Dunkerley
Lisa Dunkerley
September 23, 2022
Just cannot say enough about the amazing love, attention and snuggles that Kelli, Chris and Jenni gave to our boys!! We had to be out of state for 8 days and felt so at ease knowing the care they were being given. Highly recommend them...simply the best!!
Leah Brady
Leah Brady
August 18, 2021
I recently returned from a 10 day trip out west, and Kelli watched my herd while I was away! I had been referred to Kelli by a local groomer/doggie day care owner, and was so impressed with her meet-and-greet interactions with my pups. She was attentive to the tiny details of their routine, and took notes as we talked. She FAR exceeded my expectations, caring for my dogs beyond the basic feeding and watering needs - she played with them, crafted treat puzzles to keep their minds occupied between visits, and sat on the couch letting them snuggle with her. I didn’t have much cell service on my trip, but each time I was able to check my phone, she had a picture or video of my babies waiting for me 💜. To top it all off, I came home to a swept hairless floor, fresh couch covers (dirty ones already washed), poop-free yard, and an unloaded dishwasher! Kelli went above and beyond to make my fur babies feel cared for, and gave me such peace of mind while away that long. This was the first trip I’ve returned from, where my crew didn’t appear depressed in the least… and I know it’s because of how much quality time Kelli spent with them!
Natalie Burger
Natalie Burger
August 9, 2021
The thing about Dickson Dog Mom is that you aren’t just getting someone who is going to let your dog outside for two seconds to potty and then leave. You are getting someone who cares deeply about your pet as though it was her own pet, and is going to give your animals love, affection, and time. Kelli is so amazing and we never have to worry about anything when she is caring for our pets.
Arrah Addison
Arrah Addison
August 9, 2021
Dickson Dog Mom, has absolutely saved me with the anxiety of working full time with two children in school, and leaving out sweet Goldendoodle at home during the week! I no longer have to feel guilty, as she shows up every day and gives our doggie the exercise and love she needs. She sends daily photos and pictures, which also warms my heart. If I ever have a busy weekend, she’s always able to come by then, too. I honestly don’t know what we’d do without this amazing service!
Amie McGrady
Amie McGrady
August 7, 2021
I recently moved here and my only concern was finding a dog sitter for when I travel. Kelli is incredible! She stayed with my dogs while I was away, sent pictures, and kept me updated on how they were. They truly loved her and looked so happy! I was able to enjoy my trip and not worry at all. I highly recommend Kelli.
Morgan Pickard
Morgan Pickard
August 7, 2021
I have been using Kelli for about a year now! She is a blessing to our fur family and we all love her! I had one dog that did not like people coming into our house. She worked with us and him to make a friendship! It took a little bit we got there and now I get pictures of him out and about with our other dogs! She treats every animal as if they were her own! The peace of mind I have with her is priceless!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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